The Black Swan

Publié le par Damien

Sometimes in a man's life falls an event
unexpected, unpredictable, unavoidable
Without any previous dark-clothed messenger
to make you peep at the horizon
An event such as one can hardly explain
After it happened, whatever be his mind
Some persian wisdom calls it a black swan.

You gazed at the swan amid a crowd of stars
And I gazed at you who were at the very time
Closer to me as to the rain the cloud it brings
Still was the lake and so was time past
Nighthawks would be hiding elsewere
Neither this evening I held your hand nor the following
But many many miles of separate ways later
Thy feathers had not yet turned into night
And the moon showed us only its bright side

Alas, was division written in cold stars
Or have we brought it inside our hearts
After a month of promise you gave me
half of your smile, one breast, one cheek
each second thought that shined on your face
The rest of you became some ancient nighthawk's prey
And sooner as Jove left a bloodless Leda
You flew away from me in your open airs
Where I cannot breathe, amid a crowd of stars
Was it apocalypse of love or death, black Swan
Which destiny were you the dark-clothed messenger ?

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